How card-linking works (and why you need it)

There's a lot of loyalty tech out there. It all sounds impressive...but how do you know what's right for your business?

We’ve put everything you need to know about card-linking in one place, so you can sound like an expert in seconds.

The beginner's guide to card-linked loyalty - Tip Sheet

What does it cover?

Technology is transforming the way we do loyalty
To keep up with changing customer demands, you need to find the solution that’s right for you.
But where do you start?
There’s a lot out there, and figuring out how it all works can feel like information overload. You need a quick, easy way to get to grips with what really matters.
Our cheat sheet distills all the essential information 
It explains what card-linking is, how it works, what it looks like for your customers and the benefits you can expect to see.
We hope you find it helpful 
And don’t worry – we won’t tell anyone you cheated. . .
Cheat Sheet
What results could you expect?
Card-linking can help you drive more traffic through your loyalty programme and increase the average value of each customer transaction.

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