How data-driven loyalty will help win back shoppers post-COVID

Lockdowns might be starting to lift across the country, but the future is still uncertain for a lot of retailers. For those fortunate enough to still be in business, it’s time to rethink operations. Rewards that incentivise shoppers to start spending again will be key. But what's the best way to fit them into your post-COVID strategy?

Join Alan Zrado from Fidel API, alongside Total Retail's Joe Keenan, and The Vitamin Shoppe's Nadina Guglielmetti, as they discuss how retailers can leverage loyalty to drive loyalty and come back strong post-COVID

Webinar with Total Retail, The Vitamin Shoppe + Fidel AP

What will you learn?

  • How customer buying behaviour has changed, and what that means for retailers looking to rebuild loyalty
  • What data loyalty programmes yield, and how retailers can leverage that to drive recovery post-COVID
  • How card-linking technology can help obtain hard-to-acquire data without impacting the customer experience
  • How retailers can action data to build better customer experiences and long-term loyalty
  • And much more
It's true!
Customer expectations have changed
In a post-COVID world, retailers need to think critically and respond to their customers' new normal. Building lasting loyalty will rely on granular data and a seamless shopping experience.

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