How to start turning data into a better customer experience

For retailers who want to create loyalty, encourage repeat visits and drive more revenue, focusing on customer experience is a no-brainer.

But its success all comes down to one thing: data.


What will you learn?

How card-linked loyalty programmes can help overcome a disjointed customer view
In today’s omnichannel environment, getting a single customer view is crucial, but difficult. A lot of retailers see it as a silver bullet when it comes to creating seamless customer experiences – and that’s where card-linked loyalty programmes can help.
How to turn loyalty into love
Add friction at the wrong point in the customer journey and it doesn’t matter how good the rest of your offering is – customers simply won’t engage. How can you keep collecting the data you need without getting in the way of the customer journey?
How to turn data into an engaging customer experience
By baking data capture into the customer experience, you’ll be able to capture a lot more information. Harnessing the power of real-time can help you turn that data into an experience that drives loyalty long-term.
Connecting customers with the experience they really want
A little understanding goes a long way
With the right data plumbing in place, understanding your customers gets much easier. Once you’ve got to know them, you can create the customer experiences that keep them coming back

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