The data plumbers helping retailers drive loyalty

If you're looking to drive loyalty, data is crucial. But what data do you need from shoppers, and how can you get hold of it in a slick, secure and scalable way?

In this webinar with Internet Retailing, Ellie Devey-Robson, Head of Customer Success at Fidel, will talk through the new data solutions helping retailers get to know their customers better.


What will you learn?

  • Why granularity, speed and coverage are so important to data-driven loyalty

  • What data customers are comfortable sharing, and how to handle it sensitively

  • The key differences between data sources, and which will work best for you

  • How card-linking can help create a seamless customer experience that drives data uplift

Ellie + IR
Great customer experiences start with excellent data
Excellent data starts with the right plumbing - find out what might work best for your customers.

Watch the webinar to find out more