How omnichannel will save the High Street

The current crisis is hitting High Street retailers harder than ever before. To get shoppers back in-store and spending once isolation ends, you need a joined-up strategy that rewards them wherever they spend. Our explainer tells you how.

How can omnichannel save the High Street?

What will you learn?

Why omnichannel experience is crucial – and where so many retailers get it wrong
You can have the most well-designed website, sleek marketing strategy and responsive social media, but if they’re not working together, it's not omnichannel. So what can you do?
Why neglecting the in-store experience could be damaging your business
If you're only optimising online, you don't have an omnichannel strategy. A lot of retailers neglect the in-store experience – but offers that span all environments will be crucial to survive the current crisis.
Why card-linked offers will be so important in the aftermath of COVID-19
To resuscitate the High Street, retailers will have to place a renewed focus on getting in-store offers right. Card-linking can help join up online and in-store experiences.
Did you know?
Rewards work
77% of UK consumers are members of at least one loyalty programme, and of those, 87% joined for access to offers and rewards

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