Survival of the fittest: How the High Street will evolve after the crisis

With lockdown stretching, it’s time to think about what the next generation of our High Streets will look like. The current crisis gives us some clues: it’s tech-enabled, it’s data-driven and crucially, it’s already proven to work.


What will you learn?

The surprising High Street trends arising out of the COVID-19 crisis
With footfall down to zero, it's a dark time for a lot of High Street retailers. But consumer support for local businesses has spiked, and those that can pivot quickly to new strategies will be well-placed post-lockdown.

Why retailers need to think digital, sustainable and collaborative to survive
The High Street has had continuously adapt to changing consumer behaviours over the years. Lockdown is no different. Considering omnichannel, adding eco-initiatives and leveraging new tech will help build long-lasting emotional engagement with consumers.

How tech and data tools can help ease the transition out of lockdown
In the survival of the fittest, those that underpin their strategies with a strong pipeline of consumer transaction data will win out. Getting the foundations in place now will help ease the transition int the next generation of the High Street.

Did you know?
Shoppers still love the High Street
55% of UK consumers want to support local businesses as a result of lockdown

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